CIBITE Hollow Scan offline

CIBITE Hollow Scan

CIBITE Hollow Scan is a standalone (offline) „all-in-one“ inspection and measuring station for quality assurance in the container glass inspection.

CIBITE Hollow Scan consists of various components for fulfilling a compre-hensive inspection and measurement of all quantities of interest.

CIBITE Hollow Scan includes measurement devices for weighting and measuring height, diameter, and associated quantities such as out-of-round and lean, respectively. In further processing wall thickness and

stress are determined. A check detection system is integrated as well as a mold number reader for quality tracking.

The sophisticated setup with multiple cameras from different views allows a precise dimension measurement as well as a reliable defect detection.

Light sources from the CIBITE Flash Panel series are the basis for high quality images. With these flash light panels you can apply time varying structured lighting that best suits the different tasks.

Measuring weight and dimensions works completely without moving parts, that‘s why results are available within a couple of seconds. This feature makes the CIBITE Hollow Scan a valuable tool for production parameter

adjusting especially during job change, when first samples are taken at the hot end.

CIBITE Hollow Scan is not limited to hot end inspection, but is always a useful tool for quality assurance in the ongoing production process. With the offline inspection device you have the possibility for running measure-

ment tasks that are more time consuming. So, with CIBITE Hollow Scan it is possible to measure wall thickness at multiple points with a high spatial resolution.

Offline defect detection is always a means for identifying unknown, difficult to detect defects, too.

With CIBITE Hollow Scan you get an all-round container glass inspection system with innovative measurement devices and advanced evaluation al-gorithms, a combination of reliable well known methods and newest machine vision applications.

„All-in-One“ standalone measurement and inspection system

Applicable to containers of different types and sizes

•Round and non-round

•All colors, but very dark containers need IR light (optional)

•Weight, up to 15 kg

•Height: up to 400 mm

•Diameter: up to 200 mm

Applicable at hot end of glass production

Non-contact measurement

Multiple camera view for dimension measurement and defect detection

Processing tasks in order of priority

•For job change: Get the most important data such as weight and dimensions

in less than 20s

•For more detailed inspection: Get complete data set (including multiple

point measurement of wall thickness and stress) in a couple of minutes


Common Properties

• Operating Temperature: 10 - 60 °C

• Input Voltage: 100 - 240 VAC (50/60Hz)

• Offline measurement station

• Completely contactless measurement

• Measurement principle: Setup with different devices. All dimension associated measurement, as well as defect detection

and mold number reading are camera based. We use multiple camera views and advanced image processing.

• Measurement ranges: Ranges and accuracy of most of the measurement devices

can be tailored due to customer‘s request.

• Measurement time: Quick access to basic measurement data like weight, dimensions and derived measures due to static

measurement setup, less than 20 seconds. More sophisticated measurement like multiple point wall thickness

measurement needs some more time, due to moving parts.

Available Measurements and Inspections

• Weight

• Dimensions

- Height

- Diameter

• Geometrical deviations

- Out-of-roundness

- Bottle leaning

- Finish leaning and offset

- Plug

• Wall Thickness

• Stress

• Mold Number Reading

- Heel Dot Codes

- Bottom Dot and Alphanumeric Codes

• Defect Detection:

- Finish

- Shoulder

- Side wall

- Bottom

- Dip


• Gigabit Ethernet

• 19“ Touch screen monitor

• Other industry standard interfaces on customer‘s request


• GUI for Setup and data visualization

• Integrated data base for failure tracking and statistics

• LAN interface for remote access: setup and result reporting

• VNC server for graphical remote access

• API for integration into your process control software


• Offline inspection in glass production

• Fast access to essential data such as weight and dimensions on job change

• Detailed inspection of all glass container properties within one offline inspection tool