first class in glass

specialists develop individual solutions

Sometimes even the most sophisticated product range is not able to cover all demands. In this case CIBITE development department comes into play. Available CIBITE products will be adapted to your specific requirements. Should this not be sufficient, we will develop the convenient product with you. Numerous patents prove our physicists’ and engineers’ capacity. You should not be happy with less.

cibite research and development for your product

Our well-versed specialists are constantly developing our technologies. Combined basic and industry research helps to secure the market leadership. Working together with us your company and your products will benefit from CIBITE research. Our experience and know-how will save you expensive and time-consuming developments by your own.

Planning and construction of customized solutions

Our development department for quality management develops and constructs all components for test and measurement systems for the glass industry including every field in which these systems are necessary. We develop and construct optical, mechanical, electronic and electrical components for you. We program all types of hard- and software for you. We plan and produce whole systems for you.