cibite AG was founded in 2002 in Germany, has been developing and manufacturing unique patented automated glass inspection systems based on own camera and sensor technology.

All Emhart Bucher FLEX-T, FLEX-M and VERITAS-M machines using our system exclusive since 2002.
•More than 1.900 installed systems worldwide.
•Market leader for glass inspection technologies.
•Worldwide Patents for check detection, wall thickness and transmission of glass.
•Specialized in quality control and inspection technologies.

•The inspection systems are known for their precision, reliability and durability.

•Today, we offer a complete range of glass inspection solutions, based on the latest patent technology and defect detection.
•The new inspection systems focus on reliability, flexibility, inspection accuracy, inspection redundancy and validation.
•For customers that only need a single Retrofit system – we have solutions.
•For customers who look to Retrofit entire inspection lines - we have solutions.
•We have solutions for your requirements and we help you to improve your processes.

The high benefits for the customers needs:

•High-cost savings against new machines from competitors.
•No changes on the footprint (saves a lot of money and also no production loss).
•Upgrade to the newest proved patent technology and defect detection.
•Higher speeds can be used, max 250 bottles per minute, (max. speed of CIM).
•Fast conversion time from your existing System to the new EagleEYE system.

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